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All The Inspirations And Funny Facts Behind The Zero Gravity Photos

This look kinda came together by itself. I found this epic shoulder piece at the Furne One show room and wanted to pair that up with something sleek and hard to create something really anime. The outcome was very Tron. We added the triangle cause it represents creation as I’m headed to a new and… More »

The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation

Can you believe this is a real place? The Garden of Cosmic Speculation I was reading and came across this awesome post about fantastical places on earth so I thought I’d investigate a little further and make you guys a gallery about this one place that looks like straight out of a Tim Burton… More »

Like the very first rays of sun…

Like the very first rays of sun… The spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate and show gratitude for the light and warmth of the sun than to post about the color yellow:) <3 I did a little research about healing with color and color therapy and here’s what I found out… More »

Lucite Love

I’ve been a fan of everything clear forever but now when I’m thinking about moving and what my new place should be like, I’m reminded of my love for all things lucite again cause I know I NEED to get some pieces for my new place. Clear things feel so clean and elegant to me…. More »

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Now that my rainbow hair is fading into a pastel rainbow, I’m even more in love with it! We don’t have seasons in LA but I’m staying in Big bear with my friends right now and we’re enjoying the very first days of spring and warmth, which makes me wanna go buy a bunch of… More »

Creation of a Character – Cyber Rainbow princess

Creation of a Character – Cyber Rainbow princess I was really excited to create this look cause I saw it so clearly. It needed to be 90’s and a little bit of fifth element and a little bit of a rainbow princess. The most important part about this look is the hair, which I got… More »

Cosmic Geisha Look!!!

Hi guys…wanted to give u some real behind the scenes looks of creation of the characters in my new video. Check out the gallery to see how I made everything <3 Gonna start with the Cosmic Geisha look cause that one is definitely my favorite look from the video. I’ve been sketching, contemplating and waiting… More »

From Shabby to Chic: Shoe Tutorial!

DIY time!!! I had these old boring stripper shoes sitting in my closet that I never wore so I thought I’d make them into something more decadent and interesting. Got inspired by Louis XIV for these babies! What you need: – random pair of shoes – fabric (I am using white lace as the base… More »

Miami Day 1!

DMAs, Cuban food and a broken shoe. I’m writing this sitting in my bed at 3 am, about to pass out but wanted to give u guys a little behind the scenes look of my Miami trip. Today has been intense. Woke up early to do the rounds, meet all the amazing DJs that showed… More »

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photos of Kerli’s New ‘Zero Gravity’ Video

This is a HUGE week for Kerli and her MoonChildren. The Estonian popstar and Buzznet blogger released her highly anticipated single, ‘Zero Gravity‘ on Tuesday, followed by the track’s video premiere on Vevo yesterday. The new video is true to Kerli’s Bubblegoth style — with eye-catching effects, amazing costumes, and a song that is sure… More »

Zero Gravity Hair Inspirations

Hair inspirations for the Zero Gravity video <3 I always make a bunch of inspiration boards when working on visuals to help my team understand where I wanna go. Excited to share some of my inspirations with you guys. Here’s the looks I got insider by to create the hair for the video. Tutorials coming… More »

Zero Gravity Video Inspiration

The Zero Gravity video is about transformation. I can’t give it all away but I wanted to show u guys some of the pictures I got inspired by to create the visuals for the song. I tried to mix all this super angelic stuff with some more cyber/techno stuff and of course ended up hand… More »

Random Thursday Night

Last night me and my friends went to a Furne One fashion show in Downtown Los Angeles. It was in a church which made it even more awesome. I captured the confession booth on the 2nd picture and made my friend confess all her dirty secrets!;) Of course the fashion was amazing!!! I’m a huge… More »

Zero Gravity Picture

MoonChildren, here’s an exclusive photo from my upcoming single, Zero Gravity!!!! By Brian Ziff

Inspiration behind Zero Gravity – MUSIC

It’s really funny how Zero Gravity came about. You all already know what a fan I am of Sir Richard Branson and his vision. So when I heard that everyone who can afford to, will be able to buy a ticket to space, I thought to myself, “This is incredible! Who would have known I… More »

Kerli Launches ‘Zero Gravity’ Facebook App

With the upcoming release of her new single ‘Zero Gravity’, estonian recording artist and Buzznet’s reigning bubble-goth queen Kerli has just…

Inside the studio

I love working in the studio but I wish all of the MoonChildren could be with me while I record my new album. I figured the next best thing would be to show you what’s going on behind closed doors! The producers in the pictures are SeventyEight, the same guys who produced Zero Gravity! Check… More »

And the new single is….

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