The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Day I Met You [1/5]

As I promised, this is the first of five blogs dedicated to my favorite band ever, the band which made me feel free and saved me a lot of times and also made me win the first Buzz Award here in this wonderful place.

Some of you could ask why five blogs? Well, because this year is the 5th anniversary with them and for this reason I decided to write five blogs, one for each year since I know them.

Probably some of you already listened this story a lot of times, but I wanna share it once again for all the people doesn’t know it yet.

I knew Tokio Hotel in a really hot July day, on July 25, 2007. I think I will never forget this day, for me it’s more important than other usual celebrations, insomuch as I usually celebrate it with a cake or with a Tokio Hotel Day listening their songs, watching their dvds and stuff like that. But I will come back on this argument in the next blogs…

So, July 25th, 2007.

My mom called me for lunch while I was chatting with some friends on a “Charmed” forum, I usually flick through tv channels and at that time I was really addicted to MTV, when still was TRL and other great musical shows… and that day there was TRL, the Italian host said that once again for the million week, Tokio Hotel were #1 with “Monsoon”. I was really really curious to listen this song, because I already had heard about this band but not so much since I was on holiday the month before and I was just come back home, but something inside me said me to don’t switch channel and listen that song.

All the words of this world can’t explain what I felt in that moment. I was fixed in front of the screen rocked by that sweet melody and that angelic voice. For those four minutes there were nothing: only that music and me.

Every time I talk about this moment, I always say Tokio Hotel swept away like a monsoon, there’s no a better phrase than this one for describe that situation.

It’s been the first time I saw Bill, I didn’t know his name but it was like I knew him all along! His deep eyes through which I could see his soul, his soft voice and his sweetness. I have really found my soul mate after such long time, he was there and he had to be mine! I always thought if you feel to belong to someone without know that person, you have to do everything for stay with that person!

Have seen Tom has been like to have found the brother I always wished to have. Don’t ask me why, but I always desired to have an older brother, also only of few years, but he should have been just like Tom: a hip hop lover, with dreadlocks, cap, bandana and oversized clothes.

Than there were Georg and Gustav, what to say about those two amazing guys? I always thought to them like two awesome friends which I always can count on them. Two boys with a huge strength and power, only if you have seen them live in concert you can understand what I’m saying. Two big heart guys.

Obviously after have seen them I was excited and I continued to repeat for a hour: “I have to buy their cd! They are amazing, I’ve never listened nothing of so amazing like this song!” And then I started to search infos about them and saved their pics on my pc.

Definitely they have been the second artists after Britney to have left me a sign inside me and have changed my life in better. I listen a lot of music and I really love a lot of artists, but I can’t compare the love I have for the other artists with the one for Tokio Hotel and Britney too.

Both of them entered in a particular moment of my life and I always thought things happen for a reason, more clear than this way, I think doesn’t exist!

Tokio Hotel became my reason of life in an instant and I can’t stop to thank them for what they did and they are still doing all along, sometimes I feel me under obligation with them since they did a lot for me and probably I haven’t done enough for them. But a lot of people always said me that my love for them is something of never before seen and I have to be proud to see their fan and to be so devoted to them.

You know, I’ve never felt me like a simple fan with them… for me to be “fan” is a bit superficial, my love is something of really deep, starts from the bottom of my heart and it something I do with no effort, because for me is damn normal to be in this way for me, follow them as much I can, defend them and doing the possible for see them happy, because if they are happy, I’m happy too and I’m happy every time I see them live in concerts or events, because I live the same things they are living. It’s a sharing of emotions and feelings.

I was pretty happy and excited when I knew Tokio Hotel were here in Italy, in Milan, in their first show ever, on October 30, 2007. Unluckily my parents couldn’t take me there, since my dad couldn’t left his work in that period. I was really really angry, since I already have never seen Britney, and I couldn’t wait tons of years before to see them. Looking back to that moment, now, I can say I should have understand the situation and to know that my parents will take me in another their concert really soon since they never denied nothing for see me happy. But this is another story I wanna reserve for the next blog.

In the end, I also realized my dream to see Britney in concert last year, something I will never expected me. I learnt that knowing to wait is one of the best thing ever, because in the end you live something in a higher level than you expected it!

So, one of the best moments of 2007 has been when the band won Digital Award at Festivalbar, an Italian show. I followed the show in tv and I also recorded on a vhs when they performed Monsoon and they won the award. I was proud since I voted a lot for them and they deserved to win! The same happened when they won their first EMA’s, I think that year has been one of my favorite EMA’s years since Snoop Dogg was the host of the event and he invited also Samy Deluxe for rapping a bit. A joy for me and a joy for Tom too since he loves Samy a lot.

That year I also started to fix on my room’s walls a lot of Tokio Hotel posters and my room became a little Tokio Hotel museum ihihhi and I also bought a lot of Tokio Hotel stuff, over “Scream” album (of course what I could buy here in my city, since not everything arrived here immediately, but I found other stuff also in Germany, Austria and on the web along those 5 years), like “Zimmer 483” album and the dvd live, “Schrei” orange edition (I only found the red edition the year later) and “Schrei Live” dvd and last but definitely not least tons of magazines with a lot of articles and photos. I loved that period because every magazine you bought there was something of them.

Definitely 2007 brings me in another dimension and I really wouldn’t come back in time for change what I did. I chose them for a reason, it’s something started from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t do in any other way. It was destiny if Tokio Hotel signed my life and changed it in better.


Spring Nicht”: it has been the first I learnt and I reflect a lot in it, it is the German version of “Don’t Jump” and I think it is one of the best songs ever for the theme, for the music and the emotion it gives me every time I listen it.

Ich Bin Nich’ Ich”: it means “I’m not me” and it’s the second favorite song of mine about Tokio Hotel. It’s included in “Schrei” album and it has been love at first sight!

Wir Sterben Niemals Aus”: I love it because for me it just like a message to all the haters, Tokio Hotel will never die, they will always stay here and they will never surrender. They really are great workers and very professional artists, they know what to do and they always do it in the right way.

Monsoon”: because I fell in love with them listening this song. I can’t leave it apart. It’s part of my story with them. And every time I listen: “We’ll be there soon, so soon” I always think when I will meet them again.

An Deiner Seite”: this is dedicated to Bill. The lyrics really explain in a perfect way all the feeling for him and everytime I’m sad and lonely I listen this song and I feel him really near. There’s a part I love a lot of this song and this says: “Ich bin da, wenn Du willst. Schau Dich um, dann siehst du Mich. Ganz egal, wo Du bist. Wenn Du nach mir greifst, dann halt ich Dich.” [in English: “I‘m here ifyou want.Look aroundand you’ll seeme. No matterwhere youare.Whenyou reach for me, I can holdyou.”] and I repeat it every time I need to feel him beside me. This song is really important for me, I will explain you in a better way in the next blog.


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