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Welcome Into My Little World

So, after such a long time I upload again a video of my…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Day I Met You [1/5]

As I promised, this is the first of five blogs dedicated to my favorite band ever, the band which made me feel free and saved me a lot of times and also made…

Toko Hotel Anniversary: 5 Years Zimmer 483 Album

So today it’s another important date for Tokio Hotel, exactly 5 years ago they released their second album “Zimmer 483” in both version: standard and deluxe (with a bonus dvd including Zimmer 483 Shooting, Making of and Music Video of “Ubers Ende Der Welt”, first single of the album, and an interview of the band)…. More »

The musical walk of Tokio Hotel (PART 9)

ZIMMER 483 – To the conquest of the Europe (pt.4)

And finally we arrived to the last post about ZIMMER 483 album, with the last four songs of this second album


Tokio Hotel – Something like us will never end

I just saw this video and it’s simply amazing! TOKIO HOTEL will never die!!!!

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