Highlights of Nikita Episode “Power”

Okay ladies and gents, tonight’s episode probably had to be ONE of the BEST episodes of Nikita ever! It was just so amazing, I seriously have no words. All I have to say is that they better have a season three, because this episode just made me want it that much more.

In tonight’s episode “Power,” Amanda and Ari decide to make their move and take over the Zetrov company because Alex refused to share it in the episode before. They plan a board meeting where they discuss with the head of the company and chairman and propose their plans. Amanda comes face-to-face with Nikita and shoots her in the chest, but Nikita has on a bulletproof vest. She is however weak and on the floor without a weapon and Amanda has a chance to kill her then and there. But that does not happen. Amanda spares her life and runs off with a suitcase. Throughout the episode, Nikita recalls the time when Amanda first brought her to Division and how she made her into someone completely new.

During the board meeting, Alex shows up with the media and an old and powerful friend who she wants to take over the company on her behalf. She is assisted by Nikita at the scene and of course Shane and Bhirkoff doing all the technical stuff back at their base.

While Amanda is away on this three day board meeting vacay with Ari, she leaves Sonya in charge. Percy is found and brought back by a double-agent who is secretly working for Percy and had planned all this. He reveals how Amanda has been working with Gogo and Ari, with the help of Sonya when she calls Birkhoff and he shows her the recorded tape of Amanda at the board meeting thinking she is only watching when really, all of Division is. After seeing this tape, the members of Division no longer want Amanda as their leader and take Percy back. HE IS BACK IN CHARGE, DO YOU HEAR? I don’t know why, but I was so excited.

Near the end, Nikita is stuck in the room and running out of air while Amanda watches her and they have a long chat about who’s wrong and why they’re doing this to each other. Nikita tells Amanda that if she dies, she loses. When the minutes are up, Nikita fakes her death, and when Amanda opens the door, Nikita jumps up to attack her. This time, Amanda is in the same position Nikita was in the beginning: in a position where Nikita can easily kill her. However, she says she is stronger than that and just hits her in the head with the gun, leaving her unconscious.

Meanwhile, the board members are not too impressed with Ari not showing them the proof for his plan, and are influenced by the speech Alex gives them about him not being the right leader for Zetrov. They fire Ari, and hire Alex’s powerful friend as the new owner. Ari is angry and scared and runs to another room putting in money, gun and other necessities into his bag and decides to flee with Amanda. Amanda calls Division to send a team to pick her and Ari up.


Yes, PERCY PICKS UP THE PHONE. HE ANSWERS THE PHONE. He tells Amanda off, and tells her to look out because it’s a cold world out there and to bundle up. Percy back in the houseeee b*tch.

Amanda is shocked and the episode ends with two scenes. One with Amanda and Ari where they are in a room somewhere and they just booked their flight to leave in the morning. Amanda is depressed, but Ari tells her he picked up something on his way that can help them: A BLACK BOX. He expects Amanda to be happy, but she is still sad about Nikita, and not killing her when she could have. And finally, the last scene is with Nikita and Michael, and Nikita is leaning on a wall and tells Michael that she is happy that she didn’t kill Amanda and saved her life.

And that’s that ladies and gents! I absolutely L-O-V-E-D this episode! So amazing and epic and just ahhh, no words. I can’t way to see what happens in next week’s episode, with Percy back in the house and with Amanda and Ari!

What did you guys think of the episode? And what was your favourite part!?