Pop Culture Photos We’ll Never Forget

Every now and again a photo makes it’s way into the popular conciousness, parks, puts the emergency brake on, and stays there for the rest of time. You know them when you see them. Bald Britney with the umbrella, sad Keanu, Lindsay’s mugshots. This week we decided to compile a group of the images forever… More »

Epic Vans Warped Tour Crowd Shots

Warped Tour just started a few days ago and I know almost all of you are stoked on that! As you may know Buzznet has a booth on all of Warped Tour, YAY! This is extra exciting for me because I will be going to a few Cali dates this week! In honor of all… More »

Highlights of Nikita Episode “Power”

Okay ladies and gents, tonight’s episode probably had to be ONE of the BEST episodes of Nikita ever! It was just so amazing, I seriously have no words. All I have to say is that…


Britney Tweeted fans this new Femme Fatale Tour promo video, saying: quote: Love this #FemmeFataleTour promo created by LaceLProductionz. What do you guys think? I think this fanmade video promo such EPIC!

Facebook Fails

Today’s events have left me so annoyed and angry that I just had to seek help…
by looking at Facebook Fails!

Just when you think you’ve had a horrible day, just be glad…

The NewAge Amazon Vs. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World


Just.  WOW.

Okay, so, I have not shied away from expressing my excitement for the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World nor have I hidden the fact that I fangirl for the comics the way Knives…

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