Cassadee Pope Hits The Road Solo – Thoughts On New Material?

Now that Hey Monday are on a ‘break’, other members are left with plenty of time to pursue other projects. Guitarist Mike Gentile will play in a new band over the “downtime”, and vocalist Cassadee Pope (who recently shared her touring do’s and don’ts with BUZZNET) will also embark on a new musical venture. While Gentile fans may have to wait a little longer to hear the songs he’s been writing, Pope’s new material is readily available online thanks to fans recording her live performances.

So you want to hear Cassadee Pope’s solo sound? Well, what are you waiting for?

WARNING: This may spoil the setlist of her current US tour!


After releasing a short clip of the track as a teaser to fans at the beginning of January, this song will be somewhat familiar. Does this full-length rendition live up to expectations?

I Told You So

Struggling to overcome rejection? Feel like there are obstacles in the way of you achieving your ambitions? If so, this song is for you. Complete with acoustic guitar in hand, Cassadee takes the opportunity to muse over winning life’s battles.

“My Best Friend Hates You”

Before performing this in front of a live crowd, Cassadee took the time out of her pre-touring rehearsal schedule to sing an acoustic version of this new track. The song sounds good but how will her bestie ever forgive us?

Secondhand Love

We all know that vintage clothing is fashionable, but is secondhand love as en vogue? Perhaps not. But this song may be developing a hashtag of its own soon.

Proved You Wrong

Moral of the story: Cassadee Pope is always right, but are you in agreement with her decision to go solo?



This may not be a new song (it’s a cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s Ednaswap cover), but it’s a new version nonetheless. Idolator premiered her interpretation to celebrate the beginning of her tour and we can’t think of a better song choice….other than one of her original recordings that is.

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How are you rating Cassadee Pope’s solo material so far? Don’t worry if you’re a Hey Monday fan because she is still playing ‘old’ songs on tour too.