Jennifer Lawrence Compares ‘The Hunger Games’ To… Kim Kardashian?

Actress Jennifer Lawrence knows a thing or two about watching destruction and suffering as Katniss Everdeen in the highly anticipated movie The Hunger Games. After all, in the movie the 21-year-old actress witnesses firsthand teenagers fighting to the death on TV, which she sees as akin to modern day TV viewing, especially one highly-publicized relationship (and divorce) in particular! Wait, The Hunger Games and Kim Kardashian actually have something in common?!

ContactMusic reports that Jennifer thinks that the public is too “desensitized” to heartbreak, citing Kim and Kris Humphries‘ divorce as a prime example.

“We all can’t wait to tune in to the new season of ‘The Kardashians’ to watch a marriage be destroyed. That’s such a heartbreaking, terrible thing to happen to anybody and we tune in and watch it. We’re become more and more desensitized to the things we see on TV. That’s our entertainment: people suffering.”

Do you agree with Jennifer comparing The Hunger Games to Kim Kardashian’s divorce?