Question of the Day: What are you getting your parents for Christmas?

The thing I like about my parents is that they aren’t really like parents to me. My mom is more like a really good friend than anything. I didn’t really start talking to her until I was 18 years old and even then it was very sporatic. Now, we talk a bunch and tell each other very inappropriate things that we probably don’t need to know about one another but that’s the way I like it. She also makes me really good vegan food.

My dad and I don’t really talk much at all. He’s weird, really into Jesus and he constantly likes to tell me that GOD IS WAITING FOR ME. Cool, dad. Thanks for making God the Edward Cullen of the skies.

What I am trying to say is, my parents and I don’t have that very clear relationship of “you are the parent/I am the child.” I don’t even know how that would really operate. I’ve seen it before, though. Some of friends have parents like that. It weirds me out.

To show my gratitude to my mom for not being conventional, I am going to get her a hug. Oh and maybe a foot scrub machine or something. For my dad, I am going to throw a book at his head. Possibly “The God Delusion” by Dawkins. Maybe not. Dawkins and his educational privilege can suck it.

Here’s a picture of a cat:

What are you getting your parents for Christmas?