Works Of Art Only A Parent Could Love

One thing every kid loves to do is draw pictures. But sometimes, kids drawings are just so bad, they’re good and we can’t help but laugh at them. The best part of it all is that these drawings are never intentionally funny, it’s just pure artistic creativity from a young mind.Check out these drawings that… More »

Thought Blog: What Is Love?

Remember when this is how you felt about love?

Ok if that didn’t make your day…

Pete Wentz COMPLIMENTS Ashlee Simpson’s Parenting Skills

Despite any drama that might have occured between the former reinging King and Queen of eyeliner, Pete Wentz

Channing Tatum Talks Approaching Daddy Duties (VIDEO)

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan are expecting their first child due later this year. Channing is super busy with his career, but is super excited and nervous for the most challenging role of his…

In This 2013 I’m Thankful For…

The idea of this project came in a random moment when I was thinking about which kind of project I can do this year. It’s not a daily one because I think to don’t have enough time to dedicate about but I’m sure this gallery will be filled by several posts in the next weeks… More »

Let’s Get The Party Started! – #HappyBirthdayToMeReloaded

Enjoy a little gallery of my close party at home celebrating my birthday (and Matteo one) with my parents, Virginia, Matteo, Susy and Danilo. I definitely had the best time ever, they are such an awesome company and I always enjoy a lot with them, I laugh, I talk, I share anything and they are… More »

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Take NYC By Storm

Rumors that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have secretly been dating have been circulating for weeks now. The rumors all started when Mario Lopez said he saw

Katy Perry Takes John Mayer To Meet The Parents!

Katy Perry and John Mayer are heating up and getting serious! Has Katy Perry really taken John Mayer home to meet her parents? The due decided to pack up and take a…

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Baby Girl!

This morning E! and TMZ reported that Jessica Simpson and her family—including sister Ashlee Simpson, mama Tina and papa Joe, and fiancé Eric Johnson‘s parents—were spotted arriving at a Los Angeles hospital. And now we know why! Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, in L.A Tuesday morning. This is her first child with fiance Eric Johnson. She has just… More »

Question of the Day: What Things Did Your Parents Make You Do?

There are times in life when you have to do things that you don’t want. It happens all the time. It also usually never stops. It happens less and less as you age like a…

Question of the Day: Do You Want to Have Kids?

I read the answer to this rather often on the internets, even here on Buzznet. Some people want to have kids and some don’t. Some people are extra nosy…

Question of the Day: What are you getting your parents for Christmas?

The thing I like about my parents is that they aren’t really like parents to me. My mom is more like a really good friend than anything. I didn’t really start talking to her until…

My Daddy Is Always Really Lucky

My dad is just come back home and he said me to have found 15 euros (a little bit more 20$) while he’s coming back home: WOOOOW! He always is so lucky to find money or coins walking around the streets XP And everytime he finds something he gives it to me *_* Today finally… More »

Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy!

Today it’s the 22nd wedding anniversary of my mom and dad.

It’s passed a lot of time, but they always love as the first day! They knew 3 years before to decide to get married, they…

Question of the Day: Who Are Your Parents?

The parentals. Your peeps. Mom and Dad. Givers of food and stuff. Who are your people? Tell us about your mum and pappy. What you likes about them and stuff. Want to rant about them?…

Who’s Your Mommy?

Filed under: It’s this season’s hottest accessory — a MILF! Can you guess the hot moms of these celebuspawn?… Read morefrom

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