New Birthday Gifts At Home

Well, I was waiting for a couple of weeks for Celine’s package with my bday gift inside and also the one of my mommy (she had her bday on September) and I was really worried because it wasn’t arrived! I thought it could be lost somewhere but luckily at 4pm the postman arrived with the package, I was like: Here it is! Awwwww *_*

So I didn’t wait a second and I opened it!

Celine is such an awesome friend and for me she’s like a lil sister, really love her and I hope to meet her soon! We know for 4 years and half right now, we knew on YouTube on June 2008 for our same passion for Tokio Hotel, and she always has been damn sweet with me and she helped me to finish my Britney collection (without want any money back) and she sent me a lot of amazing gifts, I always searched to send her back other amazing gifts too and she always loved them! It’s such weird as the people you love the most always are far from you, I think I’m not the only one to think this, am I?

So… I’ve been damn impressed to find those awesome and original gifts inside the package:

I simply love Hello Kitty VANS, Celine is so crazy to bring me this kind of gifts, she knows me so well and she never has wrong!

NERDS are my obsession – anybody else has the same addiction of me?

The white T-Shirt is from her school. She explains me it’s a Homecoming shirt – Homecoming is a week where they can dress up everyday up until Friday.

This year, the theme was VS. and it was like girls vs. boys, cowboys vs. aliens, things like that and then at the end of the week they went and watched the football game.

I’ve never heard about this before, but it sounds so funny! Here in Europe, and in Italy too, there aren’t anything about this! I always loved USA for all those kind of celebrations and parties also at school, I think rend it less boring xD

This is the gift for my mommy, a cross from Arizona, it’s handmade.

Celine already sent one last Xmas, they are simply beautiful!

And last but definetly not least, from Amazon arrived the first of two Britney’s calendars 2012 and Jessie J’s “Do it like a dude” single *_* the acoustic version is such AWESOME!

I spent another day studying and writing notes for Uni, then I decided to do a break and relax myself a bit here before watching “The Money Drop” and then having dinner.

Tomorrow and Friday there are my two last days at Uni for this year, then I have a long break until February, but in the middle I have to go a few of exams… I hope to have the time to do all the one I planned.

I hope everyone of you has having a great week