Demi Lovato Wigs Out and Makes a Big Change

It’s almost 2012 and these last few days of the month are all about change – just ask Demi Lovato! The 19-year-old inspirational beauty is all about making a change… starting with her hair. Just last month, Demi debuted a bold red hue hairdo, which caused quite the (positive) commotion with her fans. And yesterday Demi stepped out with yet ANOTHER new ‘do.

Taking to Twitter, Demi tweeted, “Hey guys… Like my new look? :P” with the following picture attached:

Fans must have sent Demi their thoughts on the new look, causing her to send out this follow-up clarification:

She then added: “I miss my black hair.”

Demi’s BFF HannaBeth weighed in, egging her to go black.

What do you think about Demi’s new and newer look? Do you think she looks better with long red hair or short and black hair?