Celebrities Who Fell In 2011

Celebrities: they’re just like you and me! While they may look graceful and poised on the runway, onstage and on the screen, celebrities can also get the case of the klutz. From the sweet and bubbly Taylor Swift to the raunchy antics of Rihanna and Lady Gaga, no one is spared – especially when they’re onstage!

Here the celebs who took a spill this year:

Glee cutie Darren Criss got his socks knocked off (literally!) when an eager-beaver fan pulled him off the stage, causing him to fall offstage.

Our fave diva Christina Aguilera took a little trip onstage at the televised Grammy Awards this year.

R&B crooner Musiq Soulchild was performing in NYC when he fell off the stage. Ouch!

Rihanna was singing at a show in Edmonton when she got a case of the klutz and fell onstage.

Country-pop singer Shania Twain took a tumble while walking on national TV at the CMT Awards.

Mother Monster Lady Gaga fell off a piano while performing in Houston. Taking a dive would be considered an understatement!

Dancing With the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley took a spill while dancing on the hit ABC celebrity dancing competition show.

Taylor Swift was just as bouncy as the curls of her hair when the ground gave out and Tay-Tay fell.

Which of these celebrities had the worst fall of 2011?