Excuse Me Lady Gaga, What Are You Wearing?

OKAY, I’m sorry but I need some clarification on what exactly Lady Gaga was thinking when she stepped out on Thursday. The 28-year-old singer took it back to the 80’s rocking a Cher inspired wig…

Fashion Inspirations: Wooly Head

This is time for unique fashion. I believe that you need to see wonderful the knitted wigs by talented artist/photographer Louise Walker. She made the best wool wigs…

Lady Gaga Turns Back Time In Cher Style Jumpsuit At Airport

Lady Gaga loves a thong because #yolo. Still feeling saucy from her sweet opening performance at the VMAs on Sunday she left NYC for the airport in…

Ya Dig? Amanda Bynes Rocks Blue Locks And Sweats In Court

Between calling everyone from Drake to President Obama U-G-L-Y, Amanda Bynes made time to attend her court date in NYC today regarding her throwing of the bong out the high…

Madonna Goes Full Bettie Page Rockabilly On Oscar Night

Madonna is ever changing and evolving like a fine and muscly-armed wine, and Oscar night was no exception with these photos taken from the singer‘s

Elizabeth Olsen Dons a Pink Wig On The Cover Of Bullett Magazine

She’s been famous for a little while now, so it was only a matter of time before Elizabeth Olsen went from wholesome to edgy (it’s the…


Here is a top10 with 10 Nicki Minaj wigs.

Demi Lovato Wigs Out and Makes a Big Change

It’s almost 2012 and these last few days of the month are all about change – just ask Demi Lovato! The 19-year-old inspirational beauty is all about making a change……

Hot or Not? A Bald Lady Gaga

Fashion chameleon Lady Gaga sported a bald head while singing to her wig on The Paul O’Grady Show. What do you think of Gaga’s bold bald look? Hot or Not?

We are… twins!!!

Hahahaha!!! Today I installed my webcam, and after a couple of hours it wasn’t worked, finally I understood why… and then I discovered a lot of effects to do with it! This is one, and I thought about Britney’s pink wig, and yeah… we are twins! xp Check out my blog about Till The World… More »

Gwen wears a wig?

Gwen wears a wig?

Gwen wears a wig?

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