Busy Me

This week has been really really busy, especially from Thursday till Sunday. I had two full days at Uni on Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday I was out all of the day for a little bit of shopping with my parents where I bought these two awesome Jessie J’s tees, thanks to my mommy *_* who have seen them in a store called Jennyfer, an they are official because Jessie firmed them for this store. I’m so happy because I really wanted something about her, I really love Jessie and I always said she’s an awesome and talented artist, can’t wait to see her in concert soon! On Sunday I’ve been at my parents friends for lunch and then they showed us their new boat (in the past years we usually went in their boat in summer on Sundays, I hope next year we can repeat it). So I have to say that I missed you a lot, stay without to open my pc for 4 days is hard but soon I will do a Internet promotion with my cellphone so I could stay here without open the pc ;))) I hope you had an amazing weekend and I wish you another great week to spend

With love xoxoo