To DIY For: The Make-up Remover Recipe You Need Now

As I was thinking of what DIY beauty product to do for the weekend, I decided to find something we can get the most use out of. What is something girls

Sundays Best:

I decided hey why not start a Sunday Funday series called “Sundays Best” that I will post every Sunday featuring the best of….whatever we all decide. I want to leave it up to you all to help me pick the theme for the posts so be sure to comment below with your ideas! This week’s… More »

Song of the Day: “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt

Happy Sunday, Buzznet!

I hope daylight savings didn’t turn you into the walking dead like me. If so, here’s a little something to get you going! 😉

I remember watching this video on MTV as a kid…

Our Favorite Music Videos Of September!

Believe it or not September is coming to an end. Before we dive into all of the new music October has in store for us, let’s look back at our favorite music videos of this…

Movie Of The Weekend: ‘Drinking Buddies’

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In the mood for a new Rom-Com? Well it looks like Drinking Buddies is going to be our new favorite. The film stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, as Kate…

Movie Of The Weekend: The To Do List

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We can’t wait to see this movie! It looks super funny and something about Aubrey Plaza‘s character is drawing us in. The movie about about a college girl who is…

Movies Of The Weekend: Turbo & Mortal Instruments

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This weekend we want to see Turbo! We love a good animated movie here at Buzznet and this one looks so cute and funny. With the voices of Ryan…

Movie Of The Weekend: Despicable Me 2

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This weekend we can’t wait to see Dispicable Me 2! We all loved the first one so of course we are just dying to see what…

Movie Of The Weekend: Monsters University

Monsters University may have come out last weekend (June 21) but we are still dying to see it! We travel back in time with cute Mike and Sulley to their college

Thought Blog: Growing Up + Happy Father’s Day!

Today is a special Sunday for many of us. Whether we are excited about Tupac‘s birthday, our last day before work or sending some extra love to our dads for Father’s Day…it is a great…

Movie Of The Weekend: The Internship

Every weekend we are going to share with you a new movie that we are dying to see! This weekend we can’t wait to see The Internship staring Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson. If it is…

20 Cute and Affordable Beach Bags For Summer

Summer has finally arrived! I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for the beach. I live for beach days in the summer. Nothing makes me more happy than waking up early, packing a cooler and hitting the beach with friends. A cute beach bag is essential for holding all your beach… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: Pierce The Veil


In honor of the fun I had last night at the Spring Fever Tour, today’s Youtube Evolution is on Pierce The V 

Trend I Love: 31 Scarf Hair Wraps

I am always on the lookout for new hair styles and fashion trends to share with you all! I was recently inspired by Sara at work the other day when she was rocking a cute scarf in her hair that she got from here Mamma. I was obsessed all over again and really wish my… More »

I Know Where I’ll Be This Weekend…

Okay so it’s All Star Month on Buzznet which means we get to showcase our favorite things. So I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you about my favorite music festival: Stay Sweet Fest. Sure, I love Warped Tour and I’m beyond excited to play Pouzza Fest and Skate and Surf, but Stay Sweet is… More »

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE: Spice Girls Inspired Shoot feat. Jessi Jae Joplin

This past weekend, my dreams came true. My very best friends and I got together and did a Spice Girls inspired photoshoot. This has been a dream/idea of mine for quite some time now, and I was so happy to finally make that dream a reality. The whole spread was shot by the talented David… More »

The World’s Craziest Hotels

Anybody else have those days where they just want to get away and spend a weekend relaxing in a hotel by yourself? I know I definitely have those days! But sometimes, I’m unable to actually go, so instead I decided to search up some crazy, theme hotels and make a gallery out of it! I… More »

Friday Photo Gallery: Trip On Boat

Yesterday I had a lovely trip on baot with my parents and friends. Check out some pics we shot during this hot Friday afternoon.

5 Ways To Be Productive This Weekend

It’s Friday and time to head into another great weekend. I know many of you have written to me and told me how you always feel like Sunday rolls around too fast -…

Japanese Sunday Lunch & Shopping

This half day just spent has been simply amazing. I had lunch at Japanese restaurant with my parents and then I went at the mall for a bit of shopping since yesterday sales just started. Check out my gallery and see what we ate and we bought! 😉

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