It’s Tee Time

  We know you love your button downs, blouses, and dressy knits. There’s a whole world of tops out there but nothing fits quite like a nice, comfy t-shirt. What pairs…

20 Things Inspire Me This Week

Surfing around the net, mainly on Twitter, and also here on Buzznet, I thought to share with you 20 things that inspired me this week: from food to fashion and accessories. Check out this little gallery 😀 Feel free to comment, buzz, suggest any photo you want 😉 What did you inspire this week? Let… More »

Fall In LOVE With Music & Fashion This Valentines Day!!

If you are going on a fancy date, hanging out with friends or spending Valentines day alone this year; I know both MUSIC and FASHION will be part of your day! Here are…

BEST PRIZE EVER: Win A Grumpy Cat Tee!

Here at Buzznet we love cats. Like, a lot. But more importantly we LOVE Grumpy Cat. We could hardly imagine anything better than a three-wolf-moon tshirt replaced with…

In This 2013 I’m Thankful For…

The idea of this project came in a random moment when I was thinking about which kind of project I can do this year. It’s not a daily one because I think to don’t have enough time to dedicate about but I’m sure this gallery will be filled by several posts in the next weeks… More »

Trend Alert: Destroyed Tees

I made a post a little while ago about “How To Rip A Shirt“, and it inspired me to look for more ideas! I looked online and found some of my favorite styles of ripped and destroyed shirts that other people have made! Take a look through the gallery and maybe you can get some… More »

Warped Tour 2012 Badge Signed T-Shirt Giveaway

Hey duders! Warped Tour is in full swing and we are having a blast looking at all of your amazing concert photography from your days out in the field. I had a lovely time at…

Need Your Help For Britney’s Clothes!

Hey Buzzneters, I need your help!

Looking at last Britney candids, from her leaving @ Puerto Rico airport to LAX, I…

Busy Me

This week has been really really busy, especially from Thursday till Sunday. I had two full days at Uni on Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday I was out all of the day for a little bit of shopping with my parents where I bought these two awesome Jessie J’s tees, thanks to my mommy… More »

Buzznet Is My Best Friend Ever!

I just come back home from university, after 4 hours of counterpoint and harmony, with a bad weather but happy because tomorrow it’s train strike so I can have a little bit of time for…

Buzznet Is My Best Friend Ever!

I just come back home from university, after 4 hours of counterpoint and harmony, with a bad weather but happy because tomorrow it’s train strike so I can have a little bit of time for…

Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally

Hello guys,

finally I come back home and I can tell you everything about those last special days, if someone of you already don’t know where I’ve been, well, I was in…

Bowie Addiction

Tom Kaulitz’s customized tees and caps

Everyone of you knows Tom Kaulitz’s style, the guitarist of Tokio Hotel: oversized tshirt, hoodie, pants and cap or a bandana. Among his fav hip hop/ street brands there are Miskeen and Karl Kani, the first one over to put him in its home page website as one of the celebrities who wears Miskeen, realized… More »

Saturday of fun and shopping

Today I’ve been in Austria, in my habitual mall (who won a prize as best innovative mall of the world) to go to shopping and to spend a great Saturday of end April with my…


I’m just come back home to an afternoon of shopping with my dad, I needed to a new pair of shoes and I found an amazing pair of shoes, I love them!

Then I passed in…


For support Japan, buy the limited edition of By Your Side TShirt and the bottons set

I’m physically, mentally, over obsessed with Tokio Hotel!

It’s arrived the moment to post this blog, the first of two, because I’ve really really a lot of stuff of this awesome band, the second one will be dedicated to my room/museum…

the final product

this is the image kid dangerous decided to use for their new shirt line.. fall 2010… gossip girl.. rolling stone.. take it away boys.. xoxo


Okay so today was suchhhh a F U N day. As you know,I finished designing my first streetwear collection for guys&girls. And TODAY was the photoshoot for it!! It was the first time we had…

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