Vegan Notes

Here are some useful things I found while researching being vegan.


Airheads taffyBrach’s Cinnamon Hard CandyBrach’s Root Beer BarrelsBrach’s Star BritesChocolove Dark Chocolate barChocolove Cherries and Almonds Dark Chocolate BarChocolove Crystallized Ginger Dark Chocolate BarChocolove Orange Peel Dark Chocolate BarChocolove Raspberry Dark Chocolate barChick-o-SticksCry BabiesDotsDum-DumsFireballsHubba Bubba bubblegumJolly Ranchers (lollipops and hard candy)JujubeesJujyfruitsLaffy Taffy (some varieties)LemonheadsMambasMary Janes (regular and peanut butter kisses) Mike and IkeNow and LaterPanda LicoriceSmarties (U.S. Brand)Sour Patch KidsSuper BubbleSwedish FishSweet TartsTwizzlersZotz


Bremner WafersCracker JacksFamous Amos Sandwich Cookies (Peanut Butter)Ferrara Wafer Swirls With ChocolateFritosGrandma’s Peanut Butter Sandwich CremesHain Apple Cinnamon Rice CakesHerr’s Salsa and Lime Tortilla ChipsKeebler Club CrackersKeebler Vienna FingersKettle White PopcornKool-Aid GelsKrispy Kreme Fruit PiesLance Capitain’s WafersLance Choc-O CookiesLance Peanut BarLance Sugar Wafers (Strawberry Creme)Lance Sugar Wafers (Vanilla Creme)Lay’s Blue Corn ChipsLay’s Potato Chips (Natural Country Barbecue)Lay’s Potato Chips (Thick Cut Sea Salt)Lay’s StaxLay’s WOW! Potato ChipsLay’s Yellow Corn ChipsLundberg Brown Rice Cakes Manischewitz Whole Wheat Matzo, Unsalted Matzo, and Savory Garlic MatzoMelba Toast (Rye)Melba Toast (Sesame)Melba Toast (Wheat)Microwave popcorn (minus the real butter flavor)MunchosMurray Southern Kitchen Iced Oatmeal CookiesNabisco Ginger SnapsNabisco Original Graham CrackersNabisco Spiced Cinnamon CookiesNabisco Teddy Grahams (Chocolate and Cinnamon)New York Flatbreads (Everything and Garlic)Nutter Butter BitesPeanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and PistachiosQuaker Apple Cinnamon Rice CakesRitz Regular CrackersRitz Roasted Vegetable CrackersSalsaSkittles’ MintsSnyder’s Pretzel Chips (Garden Veggie)Snyder’s Pretzel Sticks (Pumpernickel/Onion)Soy Crisps (Barbecue, Deep Sea Salt, Garlic Onion, Salt and Vinegar, and Apple Cinnamon Crunch flavor)Spicy Sweet Chili DoritosStacy’s Pita Chips (Baked, Cinnamon Sugar, Pesto and Sundried Tomato, Taxarkana Hot, and Tuscan Herb)Sun Chips Original flavorSunSpire Organic Dark Chocolate AlmondsToasteds Crackers (Sesame and Wheat)Tostitos Bite Size Rounds Tortilla ChipsTostitos Blue Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla ChipsTostitos Crispy Rounds Tortilla ChipsTostitos Dipping Strips! Tortilla ChipsTostitos Restaurant Style Tortilla ChipsTostitos Scoops Tortilla ChipsBaked Tostitos Scoops Tortilla ChipsTostitos Multigrain Tortilla ChipsTostitos Natural Blue Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla ChipsTostitos Natural Yellow Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla ChipsTown House Original CrackersTrail mixTriscuitsWasa Crispbread (Multi-Grain)Wheat Thins (Original, Multi-Grain, Reduced Fat, and Sundried Tomato and Basil)Zesta Original Crackers


Tarte, Hot Topic, Urban Decay, Wet N’ Wild


Casein—Whey’s cousin, casein is made from curdled milk. Yuck! Alternatives: soy protein, soy milk, and other vegetable milks.

Gelatin—Rhymes with “skeleton.” Coincidence? I think not. Gelatin is a protein made by boiling cows’ and pigs’ skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Jell-O? Heck, no! Alternatives: carrageen (carrageenan, Irish moss), seaweeds (algin, agar-agar, kelp—used in jellies, plastics, medicine), pectin from fruits, dextrins, locust bean gum, cotton gum, silica gel.

Honey—Sure, honey tastes sweet, but you’ll get a bad taste in your mouth when you learn how it’s “harvested.”

From a former beekeeper: “[T]ypically, beekeepers are gloved and netted to avoid stings (nearly every bee who stings will die due to her entrails being pulled from her body attached to her stinger.) Then the hives are opened as quickly as possible and the bees are ‘smoked.’ Smoke from a smoldering fire carried in a ‘smoker’ is pumped into the hive and the bees are ‘calmed.’ In spite of this, the combs are pulled quickly and many bees are crushed in the process. When a bee is hurt, she releases a chemical message that alerts and activates the hive members who proceed to attack the intruder—giving their lives in the process.”

Alternatives: in foods—maple syrup, date sugar, syrups made from grains such as barley malt, turbinado sugar, molasses; in cosmetics—vegetable colors and oils.

Lard—Lard is such a gross word, it almost makes you wonder why they just don’t call it what it is: “Fat from hog abdomens.” Alternatives: pure vegetable fats or oils.

Pepsin—If the thought of eating lard turns your stomach, stay away from pepsin, a clotting agent from pigs’ stomachs, used in some cheeses and vitamins. Alternatives: microbial coagulating agents, bacteria culture, lemon juice, or vegetable rennet.

Rennet—Certain words just make you cringe, like coagulate, congeal, clot—which is what rennet, an enzyme taken from baby calves’ stomachs, is used for in cheese production. Alternatives: microbial coagulating agents, bacteria culture, lemon juice, or vegetable rennet.

Stearic Acid—It may sound less gross than “lard,” but stearic acid, which often rears its ugly head in chocolate and vitamins, comes from a fatty substance taken from slaughtered pigs’ stomachs—or from cows, sheep, or dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters. Alternatives: Stearic acid can be found in many vegetable fats, coconut.

Cetyl Palmitate—Check your head if you’re using margarine that contains cetyl palmitate, the fancy term for the waxy oil derived from sperm whales’ heads or from dolphins. Alternatives: synthetic spermaceti, jojoba oil, and other vegetable emollients.

Urea—Urea comes from urine and other “bodily fluids.” It’s used to “brown” baked goods, like pretzels. Alternatives: synthetics


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