Exclusive: ATL’s Zack Merrick Shares His Healthy Habits!

Re featured this in honor of Zack Merrick‘s bday today! Hey Buzzers, This year I am trying extra hard to be healthy, happy and inspire everyone else to do the same! I used to tour and was always trying to be healthy on the road and coincidentally, Zack Merrick of All Time Low does the… More »

Healthy Foods To Eat This Thanksgiving!

For a few years now, I have been trying my best to be healthy and eat better. I decided to become vegetarian almost ten years ago and throughout that even tried the strict vegan thang. To this day, I am a vegetarian who avoids most dairy because eating healthy has really changed the way I… More »

Animal-Friendly Celebrities

When I became a vegan, I couldn’t think how many famous people support this lifestyle. Some of them are full vegan, someone just doesn’t wear clothes made of animals. But they both deserve credit, as each of them makes the world a little better.

Vegan Notes

Here are some useful things I found while researching being vegan.


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Becoming Vegan

I’m a vegetarian, and I’m considering going vegan. I know there are a lot of people out there like me, wondering how hard it will be to go vegan. I suggest doing what I’m gonna…

Betty Rocker’s Guide To Warped Tour Cookery With So Long Arletta

Virginia natives So Long Arletta take over the kitchen to show you how to cook a vegetarian portobello cheese steak:

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Thank Goodness it’s FRIDAY Buzz 5/18

Beth Ditto to pose for Vogue. (The Dirty Disher)

Joel dumped Nicole for being “too clingy”? (intoGossip)

Important lessons we’ve learned from…

Thursday Buzz 3/8

Whos is the cutest vegetarian alive? (peta2)Posh can’t live without Becks. She cries and cries. (Allie is Wired)Do you believe in the Friends curse? (popbytes)Johnny Depp’s baby girl is really sick 🙁 (The Dirty Disher)Should…

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