The Busy Girl’s Guide To Smart Snacking

Maybe you’re the on-the-go type who never has time to get a real meal so you resort to whatever is easiest. Or maybe you’re like me and literally can’t say “no” to sweets when…

Whats in my makeup bag?

It is not only important to be aware of what you are putting in your body, but ON your body as well! The skin absorbs all the toxins from your beauty products into the bloodstream…

World Premiere: Starving In Suburbia!


An eating disorder is not just about wanting to be skinny. It’s about control. We all feel so powerless…

DIY Tuesday: 23 Simple & Healthy Homemade Magical Elixirs!

I’ve madly gotten into juicing and blending fruits and veggies lately – It really makes a difference in the way I feel and my creativity. Especially when I drink a bottle of juice + 1 raw coconut a day…wow! The energy just goes throough the roof. I wanted to share some super simple and healthy… More »

8 Easy Ways To Be More Healthy

Now that we’re all SEVERELY TIRED OF WINTER and SO READY FOR SUMMER, it’s hard not to spend our days thinking about lounging in beach wear, soaking up that warm sunshine. *le sighhh* However, winter…

Healthy Eggnog Recipe!

Never thought you would see healthy and eggnog in the same sentence did you? It’s dairy and refined sugar free so you don’t have to feel guilty drinking….lets be honest…chugging, a few of…

Healthy Holiday Traveling

For most of us, Christmas time also means traveling! If you are trying to stay healthy, it can be hard while traveling which is why I always pack my own meals and snacks for when…

Sippin On ‘Kin N Juice

Pumpkin that is!

This self proclaimed pumpkin-o-holic goes a little pumpkin crazy every October so it was only a matter of time before the pumpkin made its way to my juicer. It may sound like an…

How To Make The Healthiest Smoothie Ever Taste Delicious!

I made this smoothie yesterday morning and I couldn’t even believe how delicious it was! I drink and eat a lot of greens and I will be the first to admit that some green smoothies…

Food Swap: Eat This Instead Of That!

Hey Buzz Pals, I have been super into nutrition for a while now and as of lately have been eating EXTRA healthy and obsessing over my Nutribullet. I came across this amazing post HERE and felt like you all would love it too! It gives you a this instead of that type thing for foods… More »

Just Juice It: Lisa Ruocco Shares Her Favorite Recipes

You know you’re getting old when your most exciting Christmas present is a juicer! Seriously though…. so exciting. I couldn’t wait to start eating (and drinking) healthier. Over the last few

Get Outta Town: Pittsburgh, PA

As a proud Baltimorean, this will come as a surprise… I’m just going to say it and hope none of my fellow Baltimoreans kick me out of the city… I love Pittsburgh. WHHEWWWW!

Wake Up Call: Breakfast Smoothie

Good morning, lovelies! I hope you slept well. I had a dream that people were trying to kill me… so that was fun! I needed an extra healthy breakfast to wake me up this morning and get me on the right foot! I posted this smoothie recipe on my instagram (@lisaruocco – add me if… More »

Brandi’s Top 5 Healthy Hair Secrets!

Well I guess they aren’t so secret anymore, but I had to share this with you guys. I’m such a sucker for products. Skin care, hair, makeup: you name it and I’ve got so much…

Beat the BLOAT in 7 days!

Whether it’s time for a bikini or that dreadful time of the month, conquer it with a healthy add to your daily routine for 7 days and say…

Fresh Face: Ireland Baldwin

Blonde? check. Statuesque? check. Celeb DNA? double check! According to my calculations, Ireland Baldwin has everything it takes to be fashion’s next “it” girl. At 17 and 6’2″ with a waterfall of golden locks, she is hard to miss. Oh, and it does kind of help that she is the celeb spawn of the notorious… More »

Eat Healthy This Superbowl Sunday

It’s Superbowl time! Along with all the yelling and bro-time, the Superbowl is also about big parties and the food that comes with them! 7 layer dip, chips upon chips, buffalo wings and of course, pizza! It is so hard to resist eating everything in sight when it comes to parties like this, but I… More »

Exclusive: ATL’s Zack Merrick Shares His Healthy Habits!

Re featured this in honor of Zack Merrick‘s bday today! Hey Buzzers, This year I am trying extra hard to be healthy, happy and inspire everyone else to do the same! I used to tour and was always trying to be healthy on the road and coincidentally, Zack Merrick of All Time Low does the… More »

Who Is Calling Jennifer Lawrence Obese?!

Ever since she was announced to star as Katniss Everdeen in the year’s highly-anticipated The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has…

Question of the Day: What’s Most Healthy Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

According to internet, it’s Food Day! From the looks of the site that’s in that link to the left, it all looks like healthy stuff, so that is what we are going to talk…

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