New York Comic Con Day 1 Wrap Up

Holy cow, true believers! I had such an amazing time today at the New York Comic Con! I’m WIPED and I’ve still got two more days of nerdgasm to get through, so I’m not going to get TOO indepth…but I will give you some of the highlights of my day. Make sure you check out my gallery from today as well!

The “Dark Horse Presents” panel was AMAZING, got looks at a lot of upcoming projects, including the adaptation of PC Cast’s House of Night series and Tom Morello’s Orchid. Tom talked a little about the book and how he’s composing new music to go along with every issue to act as a score.

Also mentioned at the Dark Horse Panel was Avatar: The Last Airbender. They’re currently working on A:TLA comics, along with the series creators, that will be released in graphic novel form and will bridge the gap between the end of A:TLA and the upcoming Legend of Korra.

Sad news from the DH panel, though: we won’t be seeing new Umbrella Academy any time soon. Gerard has been really busy with that whole BAND thing he does, and they’re trying to get the Killjoys comic he’s doing with Becky Cloonan out first. But artist Gabriel Ba is apparently really, really excited to work on the next TUA series, Hotel Oblivion.

Got to see some awesome new footage from DC’s animation department. The Catwoman short, featuring Eliza Dushku as Catwoman, premiered and is absolutely gorgeous. We also got a first look at Justice League: Doom. And Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in just about every DC animated thing EVER said, in the Batman voice, “Damn that iPhone.” Hey, I thought it was cool.

The Venture Brothers panel, with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, was one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I did not stop laughing once that entire hour. I have a ten minute video of Doc Hammer reading off a list he keeps of words he never wants to hear anyone say again.

The Robot Chicken panel had surprise appearances by Claire Grant, Macaulay Culkin and comic writer Geoff Johns. They announced that they’re working on a Robot Chicken/DC Comics special, similar to the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes.

And then Macaulay Culkin licked Seth Green’s face:

I am tired and drowning in free stuff and this was only day one! I cannot WAIT to see what tomorrow brings…but I know it brings the panel for the Avengers movie!