Running Nightmares……Chapter One

Mr. Anthony Jones and his wife of forty years, Alice, have been living in the same house, the same neighborhood for almost twenty years, and the only real serious thing they’ve had happen there was when their grand-daughter’s cat got stuck in the large oak tree three summers ago.

Other, it was a quiet life.

So when one night, as the two settled down in their living-room for tea and some TV time, you could image their jump of surprise when suddenly they heard slamming on their sliding door to the back yard and someone sherking for help.

“My god what is that?” Alice says now jumping and spilling some tea.

“Stay here” Anthony says now turning off the TV and going to the closet real quick to grab his gun.

As a retired police officer of twenty years, he knows that this could be anything.

He then goes to the sliding door and then pulls back the curtains to see their young neighbor that just moved in a few months ago, her hair wet with rain and her eyes filled with terror.

“Emily!” Anthony says now ripping open the door and dragging her in.

“Help, oh oh help me!” Emily stammers while shivering.

“Ali, get a towel and come in here!” Anthony yells into the living-room while locking the door and then dragging Emily to a chair.

But before he can sit her down, Emily starts to sway and then faints right there on the kitchen floor.

“ALICE CALL THE AMBLANCE!” Anthony then yells now dropping to Emily.