EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Songs Leaked!

I caught up with MTV.com to talk about the recent song leaks.

This much new Britney material and it’s not even our birthday! Which was the sentiment going around the Brit-ernet yesterday. So we here at Buzzworthy hopped on the phone with BreatheHeavy.com’s Jordan Miller to chat about the onslaught of Britney leaks this week. “Yesterday was called Britmas because it was like Christmas for Britney music,” he said of the deluge of unreleased Britney songs that surfaced. “In the end, Britney’s music is what people really love her for. People became a fan because of her music and the CDs, not because of all the hoopla. For a fan, it’s the ultimate gift.”

Britney Spears – Everyday by breatheonbritney.it

Femme Fatale unreleased. Written by Britney with Francis Alexander Barry and Steven Walton Gagel.

Britney Spears – Abroad by breatheonbritney.it

Circus unreleased produced by Danja

Britney Spears – Dangerous by breatheonbritney.it

Circus unreleased produced by Greg Kurstin, already producer of Rock Me In. Lyrics written also with Nicole Morier (Heaven On Earth, Mmm Papi, How I Roll).

Britney Spears – Rock Star by breatheonbritney.it

In The Zone unreleased produced by RedZone (Me Against The Music, The Hook Up), composers of the song with Britney.

Britney Spears – 911 by breatheonbritney.it

Blackout unreleased

What’s your fav new leaked song?