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EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Leak – ‘Ouch’

Check out this AWESOME new leak called Ouch, courtesy of a VIP Exhaler. Rumored producer is Michelle Bell (Money, Love & Happiness). Please leak in full; stunning!!!

Britney Spears “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” Main Vocals

The “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” stem leaked with Brit’s main vocals, and it sounds friggin’ AMAZING!!! Check it out!

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Leaked Song

A new song leaked for Britmas, called Strangest Love! It’s simply amazing and it’s a unreleased from In The Zone album. Check it out: Stuck here So far from home Talking But they don’t know Can’t make sense of the signs I thought I would die Til you looked in my eyes Til something changes… More »

Madonna Inspired By Britney’s Music For Her New Song

Is Britney influencing Madonna’s new music?

Check out Madonna’s new leaked single, titled Gimme More All Your Love, off her new album. Brit fans are saying it sounds…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Songs Leaked!

I caught up with MTV.com to talk about the recent song leaks.

This much new Britney material and it’s not even our birthday! Which was the sentiment going around the…

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