Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Twenty

“Shannon! Are you still here?!” Emily calls into the dark.

But no answer.

“Ok, got the flashlight, now to the cellar stairs” she thinks out loud now turning the flashlight on.

She does a quick sweep of the room with it, and then she shines it towards the cellar door on the far right of the room.

As she slowly makes her way, she suddenly hears a crash from the living room.

At once she reaches for the phone on the counter and then ducks down under the table and starts to dial, but the phone seems to be down.

“Oh damn it!” she says now dialing franticly.

She then hears footsteps coming from the hallway.

Decision time.


Run for the back door.

Footsteps reach the doorway.


Emily bolts for the door, the footsteps now sounding like their speeding up.

She tares open the door and then runs into the pitch-dark yard, footsteps right at her heels.

“Where to go, where to go?!” she thinks now looking around, “I can’t run around the yard and pry for him to pass soon!”

She then stops for a second and looks around.

Climb the fence, get to the Jones house, call for help. Get help.

It’s her only chance.

Go for it, now.