Exclusive: Taylor Lautner Interviewed By Glamour UK

Taylor Lautner chatted with Glamour UK website about his new movie Abduction, check it out!

Is Nathan like Jacob [from Twilight]?

Taylor Lautner: The character from Abduction is totally different from Jacob. The great thing about Nathan is that he’s just a normal high school kid, who has friends, parties and doesn’t really get along with his parents, all the normal things. But he has always felt a little different, like a little bit of an outcast. One day when he finds a picture of himself on a missing person’s website it kind of all comes together and he realises his whole life is one big lie.

Tell us about filming

Taylor Lautner: We filmed for about three months in Pittsburgh. It was a lot of fun and I’d never been to Pittsburgh before. It just a great city it’s beautiful and it’s a sports town, so I really enjoyed that. I was able to go watch a few football and baseball games, so we had a lot of fun filming in Pittsburgh.

Have you always enjoyed sports?

Taylor Lautner: I’m a huge sports fan. When I was six years old, I did pretty much every sport possible. I joined football, baseball, basketball, karate. I was kind of testing out the waters to see what I really liked. It came down to football and martial arts. Those were the things that I was really passionate about and I stuck with. Then one day this acting thing came along and I realised that is definitely what I wanted to do. So I had to quit the football and martial arts to decide.

Did you do much training?

Taylor Lautner: I’m so passionate about the story, the character and everything. So I definitely wanted to put all of the work into it possible. The training becomes addictive and I’ve always been active, so I always love playing sport for the fun of it. So I will definitely keep it up just because I do enjoy it.”

What roles would you like to do in future?

Taylor Lautner: I think it is any actor’s dream to be able to play a wide variety of roles. I do love action movies and action dramas, but I would definitely love to challenge myself to something different.

Are you a good boyfriend?

Taylor Lautner: I would definitely hope that my girlfriends would say that I’m a good boyfriend. I would say that I’m romantic.

Check out also Abduction trailer:

Anyone of you are going to see this movie?