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Kristen Stewart Named Glamour UK’s Best Dressed Woman of 2012

It has been a pretty big year for actress Kristen Stewart so far. She has wrapped up filming for The Twilight Saga and set that in her past, went…

Exclusive: Taylor Lautner Interviewed By Glamour UK

Taylor Lautner chatted with Glamour UK website about his new movie Abduction, check it out!

Is Nathan like Jacob [from Twilight]?

Taylor Lautner: The character from Abduction is totally…

Britney One More Time – Glamour UK Interview [October 2011]


She’s one of the most enduring pop icons of her generation and in recent years, one of the most publicity shy. To mark the 10th anniversary of…

Britney Spears Graces Glamour UK Cover [October 2011]

Britney’s new magazine shoot for Glamour magazine hit the Internet on Thursday, and the “Criminal” singer is stealing hearts. Brit says she’d love to perform for Prince William after finding out she was his teenage fantasy. “That would be amazing. That would be really crazy and cool. I think they’re a beautiful couple. Unfortunately I… More »

Dreaming on…

Two days ago I found a copy of GLAMOUR UK at the station’s kiosk, I’m really happy, also because I have the luck to can find a lot of foreign magazines at the station’s kiosk, and I don’t think two times to buy it one if i see Britney, Tokio Hotel or Glee cast on… More »

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