Celebs Who Love Star Wars As Much As You Do

In 2017, loving Star Wars is the farthest thing from a nerd alert. In fact, this move franchise has avid fans all over the damn place. If you’re feeling a little bit of secret shame because of your R2D2 bed sheets, CP30 posters, and the fact that you’ve seen Rogue One half a dozen times,… More »

18 Sneaky Film Director Cameos

Sometimes sitting behind the camera just isn’t enough. Directors throughout film history have snuck their way onto the silver screen in silly, funny and often precarious ways. Of course the master of this trend is the one and only Alfred Hitchcock, whose many cameos can be seen below: It takes a keen eye and a… More »

The 17 Most Lovable Onscreen Idiots

There are many levels of intelligence walking the face of the earth, and they’ve all be portrayed on TV and the silver screen. Sure, super smarts are beyond impressive and can leave us all feeling like we should be wearing a dunce cap, but the truly dimwitted souls are the most memorable, lovable, and give… More »

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

The Buried Life” has recently partnered with Contiki Vacations in order to spread some love and give young people experiences that…

Who’s The Hot New Blonde? James Franco!

The award-winning actor and hunk of a man, James Franco, has decided to sport a new look these days! He’s gone blonde and we think it’s HOT!

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards Are Here!

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards are finally here and we’ve got the complete list of the nominees!

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards…

Hunk Alert: Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Debuts!

It’s FINALLY here! Whoo!

WTF Is This Naked, Trippy Video Of Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has grown into a woman and a provocative artist before our eyes. Her latest shocking act is to star in this video by filmmaker Quentin Jones. The video is called Tongue…


One year in the 90’s we had a snowstorm on Easter so I made a SNOW BUNNY 😀 Scanned 35mm photo

Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Looks On Hunger Games Catching Fire Promo Tour

We can’t get enough of all of the amazing looks Jennifer Lawrence has been rocking while promoting Hunger Games Catching Fire. Check out all of the amazing fashion she’s sported on the red carpet. From beautiful coat jackets to jaw-dropping gowns, the actress, 23, always looks goreous. What’s your favorite J. Law look?

15 Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Having The Most Fun On A Red Carpet Ever

Jennifer Lawrence seems like she genuinely loves her work and her fans. It’s one of the many reasons that she is so endearing. The fact that she’s an Oscar winner doesn’t mean she’s any less excited about her new movie, Hunger Games Catching Fire, or the fans that love the series. There’s just something about… More »

Hot Or Not: Jennifer Lawrence’s Space Age Crop Top And Skirt

One of the best parts about the release of a new Hunger Games movie is all the Jennifer Lawrence fashion we get to see! At yet another red carpet for Hunger Games Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence Is Blonde, Makeup Free, Looks Gorgeous… Of Course

It’s been too long since we’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence last! We can assume she’s been shooting the latest installement of Hunger Games, but we’ve missed her down-to-earth vibes and chill fashion sense!

Movie Of The Weekend: ‘Drinking Buddies’

[kaltura id=0_d9y3pppi autoplay=0 type=single]


In the mood for a new Rom-Com? Well it looks like Drinking Buddies is going to be our new favorite. The film stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, as Kate…

It’s Ok To Be Alone On The Holidays!

The other day a pal posted about this video and it really touched me and spoke to me I guess you can say.

The delivery of the message and all of the words were so powerful…

Amanda Seyfried Looks Amazing Promoting Her New Movie

Amanda Seyfried is promoting her new movie, Lovelace, and lucky for us, she’s making lots of public appearances. From television interviews to red carpet, the actress, 27, has been showing up with her long locks, longer legs, and some absolutely adorable outfits. Check out the amazing looks, and weigh in on your favorite! More for… More »

Dear October, Hurry Up & Get Here So I Can Watch ‘Gravity’

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than the new snippets that are being released for the movie Gravity. I already shared with you a different trailer some months ago in a Question…

Throwback Thursday: Pulp Fiction

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been absent from the site because of reasons and mostly not fun ones. These reasons are all about life and such but whatever, I am sorta/kinda back. As I sit…

World UFO Day Is Out Of This World!

You can go ahead and leave me in the desert without water to die for the title of this blog. I didn’t know how else to really start this off so I guess this will…

Required Reading Cheat Sheet: Books On The Big Screen

Adapting classic literature for the big screen is a tale as old as Hollywood. It doesn’t get much bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio starring in a 3D movie version of the ultimate piece of classic American literature, The Great Gatsby. Some movies take a more interpretive approach, like moving Shakespeare from the stage to a high… More »

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