My Favorite Gadgets!

I’m always blogging about my favorite fashions and the things that inspire me but I’ve never actually shared with you guys that I often easily geek out on cool electronics. Best Buy asked me to blog about my favorite gadgets and it was actually hard for me to pick just a few things. That said here are some of my new electronic obsessions!

1. HP Touchpad. The ipad has been a pretty popular tablet, but I actually really like this HP Touchpad because it has a resizable keyboard and it looks pretty sleek:

2. Macbook Pro. I do ALL my blogging from my mac and I LOVE it. I’m planning on upgrading to the Macbook Pro soon – can’t wait!!

3. iPod Touch. I can’t live without my iPod! I take it everywhere with me.

4. Sony Over the Ear headphones. I LOVE these headphones in white…they sound amazing and look really cute as an added bonus!

5. Bose SoundDock. When I’m at home, I trade my headphones for my Bose iPod dock… I love to blast my music and dance when no one is around!!

6. iPhone. When I’m on the go, I can keep my blog and social networks constantly up to date from my iPhone!

7. Sony Flat Screen TV. I don’t watch much TV, but I am a big fan of DVDs and movies and I’ve got my eye on this Sony flat screen!

8. Flip Video Mino HD. I take my Flip Cam EVERYWHERE. All of my video diaries I’ve posted lately have been filmed all on my Flip!

9. Nikon Coolpix 1120. This camera takes amazing photos! It definitely doesn’t hurt that Ahston Kutcher stars in their commercials 🙂

10. Tom Tom VIA 1505 T GPS. If you’ve ever gone anywhere with me, you’ll know that I suck at directions! If you suck at them too, get a Tom Tom if you plan to go places with me. Ha!