Christmas Craft Ideas!

On the 10th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you….some really good ideas for crafts. You know I love a craft and the holidays are the perfect time to craft someone a gift, or something for their tree! So get your glue gun out and star glittering everything kiddies! ps. did you see I am… More »

iCon: Steve Jobs Tribute Art

As many of you may already have read or heard former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer October 5th, 2011.

Steve was…

RIP Steve Jobs

It’s been confirmed Steve Jobs has passed away. RIP to an amazing inventor, and the creater of the Apple empire.

October 5, 2011

My Favorite Gadgets!

I’m always blogging about my favorite fashions and the things that inspire me but I’ve never actually shared with you guys that I often easily geek out on cool electronics.  Best…

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