The Muppets Cover Album Is Streaming Online

When you hear the words ‘Muppets Cover Album’, you probably think ‘Really? Miss Piggy singing Lady Gaga?’ but you’ve got it all the wrong way round. This is not an album of Kermit & co paying tribute to contemporary artists, it is infact the reverse.

So instead of hearing Janice go all Taylor Swift on us, you can listen to the likes of Hayley Williams, Weezer and Amy Lee singings songs made famous by The Muppets. The album is titled ‘The Green Album’ and after being officially confirmed in June, it is now streaming online at You can’t buy it yet however as it won’t be available until August 23rd, but until then there’s always the internet!

The track-listing is as follows:

1. ‘Muppet Show Theme Tune’ – OK Go

2. ‘Rainbow Connection’ – Weezer & Hayley Williams

3. ‘Mahna Mahna’ – The Fray

4. ‘Movin’ Right Along’ – Alkaline Trio

5. ‘Our World’ – My Morning Jacket

6. ‘Halfway Down The Stairs’ – Amy Lee

7. ‘Mr. Bassman’ – Sondre Lerche

8. ‘Wishing Song’ – The Airborne Toxic Event

9. ‘Night Life’ – Brandon Seller & Billy Martin

10. ‘Bein’ Green’ – Andrew Green

11. ‘I Hope That Something Better Comes Along’ – Matt Nathanson

12. ‘I’m Going To Go Back There Someday’ – Rachel Yamagata

Stream it here!

So whose Muppets cover do you prefer?