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Music Notes 2/6

Oh Monday, you’re so… Mondayish. Perhaps these slices of music news can perk us all up a bit?

New Foxy Shazam video for “I Like It

New Anarbor track “Whiskey…

14 Songs That Make You Proud to Be Single

Happy Singles Week! Yes, a whole week. As if we singles needed another reminder that we are indeed alone in this world! Kidding. Seriously though, it’s bad…

Dan Konopka of OK Go’s IF Interview

One commenter will be chosen at random to WIN the original copy of this survey! All you have to do is come up with a different answer for one of the above questions–so your comment would start out, “If Dan were a (blank), I think he’d be (blank) because….”

10 Most Crazy, Over-the-Top VMA Moments

It’s that time of the year again: the MTV Video Music Awards! More commonly known as the VMAs, this awards show is arguably the most eventful and entertaining event of the year.…

Are Big Music Labels Losing Their Power?

Today, The Cab released their second album, Symphony Soldier (you can read Keltie’s review of it right over here).

And they did it without a label.

This is something we’re seeing more…

The Muppets Cover Album Is Streaming Online

When you hear the words ‘Muppets Cover Album’, you probably think ‘Really? Miss Piggy singing Lady Gaga?’ but you’ve got it all the wrong way round. This is not an album of Kermit & co…

OK GO: Outside Lands 2011

Best known for the jaw dropping videos, OK GO commended the attention of the masses at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival. To announce their recent partnership with Google for their latest interactive video, OK GO showed up in suits that were colored like the Google logo.

Alkaline Trio Premiere ‘Muppets’ Cover + ‘Green Album’ Giveaway!

Alkaline Trio is premiering their contribution to the upcoming The Muppets soundtrack today exclusively on PureVolume.com.

<span style="font-family:…

Paramore, Weezer and Many More Sign on for Muppets Tribute Album

The full blown 2011 muppet revival is moving right along. First with the new Muppet movie coming this fall and now with a tribute album <span style="font-family:…

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash, Amanda Palmer, and Neil Gaiman to Write and Record 8 Songs in 10 Hours

It seems like artists you love can never quite get an album out fast enough, doesn’t it?  Whether it’s Panic! at the Disco who take years between releasing albums or Lady Gaga who puts out…

Crushable Playlist

Being a obsessive playlist-composer, I already had a Crushcrushcrush playlist on hand.

Other awesome…

Breesays Top 10 Albums of 2010

2010 was a good year for our ears, wasn’t it? I already posted my favorite 23 songs of 2010, but I’m jumping on the bandwagon and posting my top 10 albums as well. Party!


Ok Go is the best

Song Study Sesh: Lesson One

OK Go’s ‘A Million Ways’ …the more you know! *cue rainbow*

July 2010 Mix: Summer Love and Party Crashin’


July 2010 Mix by breesays


OK Go – End Love – Official Video

Words can’t really express how much I love them. HOW do they ALWAYS outdo themselves?

Awesome New Video from OK GO for ‘End Love’

Let me tell you what I love. Nerds, stop-motion, and when multiple people wear monochromatic unitards and then do synchronized dance moves (because it reminds me of the tasty rainbow that is Skittles).…

OK Go Video Release Party @ LACMA

On Friday in Los Angeles, those sophisticated chaps known as OK Go held a video release party on the roof of the LACMA in Los Angeles. [cut=Gon’ party like Rube Goldberg…]


OK Go Performing “This Too Shall Pass”

At their video release party at the LACMA Museum in Los Angeles, on 3/5/10

OK Go Performing “Last Leaf” Acoustic

OK Go Video Release Party @ LACMA, 3/5/10

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