Daily Music Dose: Little Dragon

As everyone gets ready to enjoy the sounds of Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend, I am gearing up for Outside Lands in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. I am going to go ahead and say that I haven’t heard of a majority of these bands but that’s okay, it’s always great to get your ears full of new music.

The line up at Outside Lands is rather eclectic. There’s bluegrass, soul, rock, dance, etc. You name and it’s probably there. Maybe I am lying. I mean, Tibetan scream singing is no where to be seen inside the fest but some Berkley trust fund student can probably be found performing said genre outside the grounds (Patton Oswalt reference JSYK, FYI – His words, not mine). I can hardly wait!

For today’s DMD, let’s talk about Little Dragon:

This picture is from the internet but I promise I will replace it when I take some of them later.

I am actually kind of excited to see this band. Seeing as how they have flown all the way from Sweden to grace us with their music, I feel obliged to gaze upon them lovingly. I heard about them a while back but after that, I don’t know what happened. Their music is kind of like a downtempo synth baby that you want to hold in a blanket and never let go of. Want to hear what I am talking about? Check out this video:

OMG this song what is even happening?

Without sounding like every other review of this band, I shall spare you the comparisons to Yukimi Nagano’s (vocalists) neo-soul stylings. Let us not talk about how Erik Bodin (drums), Kallgren Wallin (bass), and Hakan Wirenstrand (keys) manage to weave together their own individual sounds and influences to create a magical flying carpet that whisks us off to other worlds where it rains hugs.

Who do you want to see at Outside Lands this year?