The Stars of Harry Potter Celebrate the End With ‘Wild’ After Party

After 10 years of playing the same character in the epic saga, how did the stars of Harry Potter celebrate the end of an era and all of the hard work put into it? By jumping off a roof into a pool with all their clothes on? By throwing a wild party where they threw TVs out of the windows? Not quite. The cast DID throw a party… where they played Scrabble!

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, spoke out about the cast’s wild night on the talk show Lopez Tonight, saying, “There was an after-after party, and we had a few of the cast members there. Everyone was expecting us to be popping Cristal and all the rest of it, but we actually played Scrabble until about two in the morning; Daniel [Radcliffe] and I got very heated at a game of Scrabble!”

Whoa, sounds like it got REALLY crazy in there! Wonder who won…

Who do you think won the “heated” game of Scrabble: Tom or Daniel? If you were in their shoes, how would you have celebrated?