I’m as ready for this storm as I can be. All my batteries for my cameras, dvd player and phone are charged. My laundry is all done and I have plenty of food that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I packed up my freezer with lots of ice blocks. We have water that comes from our water company so I don’t have to worry being without that and I have a gas stove so I can cook even without electric if I need to. We also have a generator wired into our house but we won’t bother to start it up unless the power is down for over a day or so. I hope we don’t lose our power in the first place but it’s good to be prepared if we do. Even if we don’t lose electric we still might lose our cable service so that might mean NO TV, landline phone and internet. This is a slow moving storm but one of gigantic proportions. That means we can have winds over 80 miles per hour for a long time. And gusts of 100 or more !!!! I have to say this will be a first in my lifetime : (

I took this photo of a flock of pigeons when I stopped off at a small supermaket in my town for some food today. I put an effect on it because it wasn’t a great photo. I just liked that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and these birds looked so calm. I hope to be on here on Sunday telling you how the storm just passed us by : )

Thank you to all my friends on here I love you dearly for thinking about me : )