I was sitting in my car and saw this flock of Canadian Geese flying over so I took a photo not sure it was going to come out but it did. I kind of liked it since the ground is covered in snow and looking at the blue sky was nice to see 😀

And Your Bird Can Sing

Ah, finally getting back into the groove of Tattoo Tuesday! This time, I wanted to do one not necessarily one that I would get onto myself (but after seeing these photos who WOULDN’T) but instead doing a gallery filled with pure beauty. Bird tattoos are simply just so peaceful and inspiring on their own. Here’s… More »

Vans California 2012 Fall/Winter “Birds” Authentic CA Pack

As the influx of all-over-print patterns begins to merge with the trends towards heritage garb, Vans California is taking the initiative this Fall/Winter 2012 with their latest “Birds” Authentic CA Pack. Appropriately titled,…

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Wild In New Pictures (VIDEO)

Though her new, dark locks are covered in many of the pictures, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lawrence is feeling edgy in W magazine. The photos are bird-themed and the…


I’m as ready for this storm as I can be. All my batteries for my cameras, dvd player and phone are charged. My laundry is all done and I have plenty of food that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I packed up my freezer with lots of ice blocks. We have water that comes from… More »

my tattoos

These are my tattoos as of now

1.) a swallow [on my forearm] (represents me)<span style="font-family:…


Everyday now we have the big invasion of starlings, grackles and red-winged blackbirds. I was trying to get a good shot at them but because they fly off so fast if they detect a single bit of movement it’s quite hard to get them in focus. I got a few slightly blurry photos and thought… More »


When I saw the moon and the seagulls up on the roof of my bank I had to try and get both in the shot. I was happy the birds didn’t fly away !!!! 😀 View in full size and please check out my previous photo : )


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