Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Fourteen

Later that night, Emily is home now with Shannon watching tv.

She’s been thinking a lot about how Gabrielle treated Emily’s doorbell problem.

“Does she really think that someone is after me?”

“Does she think I made it up?”

“Does she think I’m getting like her, all paranoid and stuff?”

These thoughts are running through Emily head like crazy, meanwhile she’s watching for signs in Shannon’s face.

He doesn’t seem to notice or think of anything strange going on, he’s just looks like he’s lost in the show their watching, which isn’t uncommon for him.

But he did have a talk with her when he got home a while ago.

“I just want to make sure you’re alright. I mean, Gab just bolted right up to me and told me something about you and the door bell rang or knocking and then no one’s there and… I donno” he said to a very frustrated Emily.

Emily just shook her head and told him what happened, and then Shannon just nodded his head and then held out his arms to her.

Now, as they sit together, both lost in something, Emily can’t help but wonder what Shannon really thinks.

“Maybe I am just going loopy a bit? Listening to Gabrielle and her strange things that go on with her, maybe it robbed off on me?”

“Or maybe the door bell just rang on it’s damn own accord, and it doesn’t mean a thing”