I’ve got ten minutes – gimme some geek!

Some essential nerdy news from the interwebs on this day, July 7th.

First up, there’s a storm on everyone’s favourite hulahooping planet, Saturn. Check it out and prepare for your tiny mind to be blown. Via Geekology

New Adidas X Star Wars for fall/winter may or may not include a full Wampa suit (ok it doesn’t, but it does include a rad Khaki bomber jacket – I’m a size 8 FYI). Via hypebeast

Civ World for Facebook Beta is live right now! This new installment of the franchise harnesses FB’s social tools to let you dominate the world with your friends and best of all it’s free. Stop reading! Start Playing!

An extra tweets from the set of Batman Rises – no big spoilers, actually there’s not really even one interesting tidbit, but if you’re as desperate for BR news as I am, you’ll love it. Follow Laura on twitter for more banalities from the set.

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