GameChanger To Launch Gaming App Next Month

Remember that cool app we told you about during Skate And Surf this year? Well it’s coming your way this August! GameChanger‘s new innovative app combines your love of your favorite…

Geek Chiq Must-Have Accessories by Hailey Bright

Accessories that every geek chiq tech girl needs to own! Comment below on your Favorite accessory 🙂

BUZZNET’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2013!


2013 has tons of new fantastic movies in store for us! With so many upcoming flicks, I have narrowed it down to the top 8

Welcome Hailey Bright To The Buzznet Family!

Hey BuzzFans! I’m so excited to be joining your awesome family!

Just a little bit about me- I am originally from Tennessee and currently live in Hollywood…

IJustine: Rising Youtube Star

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of addicted to Youtube! I’m on it all the time! I am a huge fan of a lot of Youtube stars. But one of…

U GUISE SRSLY – Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Last night, while I was home watching Netflix and doing mega important research, I found out that Nyan Cat has it’s own video game. This important research, mind you, was me reading the Nyan…

I’ve got ten minutes – gimme some geek!

Some essential nerdy news from the interwebs on this day, July 7th.

First up, there’s a storm on everyone’s favourite hulahooping planet, Saturn. Check it out and prepare for your tiny mind to be…

New Tomb Raider game trailer premiers at E3 2011

As some probably know, the gaming event of the year, E3, started today. The four day event is filled with press conferences from the big names in the gaming world such as Ubisoft, Microsoft and…

Amazing Cupcakes

The cute, awesome, yummy, strange world of cupcakes!

Play the Scott Pilgrim Online Game for Fun and Profit* (*No Profit Can Be Made From This Game)

So, with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World now in theatres, you’ll need something to do inbetween your rabid, repeated viewings of the film and crazed rush to pick up copies of the original graphic novel…

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