Dear October, Hurry Up & Get Here So I Can Watch ‘Gravity’

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than the new snippets that are being released for the movie Gravity. I already shared with you a different trailer some months ago in a Question…

EXCLUSIVE First Listen: Magic Wands “Space” (Michael Creange & WEKEED Remix)

I have a very special treat for you guys! I have been asked to premiere the brand new Magic Wands “Space” remix by Michael Creange & WEKEED! You are the first ones to listen to it, so enjoy and don’t forget to share/buzz/comment your thoughts!! Stay tuned for more on Magic Wands coming soon! Don’t… More »

A 12-Year-Old Girl Built A Rocket And Sent Her Hello Kitty To Space!

I’m not sure if you know this, but I am a OBSESSED with space… OUTTER SPACE. I have a model solar system in my bedroom that I fall asleep to every night. I still…

Get The Look: Endeavour Space Shuttle

If you live in California or KNOW anyone that does then your Instagram and Facebook feeds were rapidly filling up with photos of today’s Endeavour Shuttle tour. People across the city flocked to their nearest rooftop to see an object that once flew across SPACE with our own eyes! We wrote about it on Buzznet,… More »

Epic Planet – Pictures of Earth From Space

I was reading daily mail and found a post about these stunning photos of the most beautiful places on Earth taken from Space. I thought I’d share…. The world is so beautiful! <3 k Check out Skelanimals!!! & Mirror Mirror!!! Zero Gravity is now out on iTunes!!!

Magic Wands: Cosmic Nocturnal Pop With A Hint Of Pixie Dust

I cannot thank We’ve Got You Covered enough for introducing me to one of my favorite new bands, Magic Wands. Once I clicked <a href=""…

All The Inspirations And Funny Facts Behind The Zero Gravity Photos

We had found this amazing image by Chen Man a while back and wanted to pay homage by creating something similar to his photo for one of the looks. Thank you Furne One for letting…

Magic Wands “Space” Lyric Video

Check out this new lyric video from the Magic Wands‘ forthcoming debut album, Aloha Moon, out tomorrow, April 24th! We’ve been rolling out an entire series of…

BTK App – Video #28

Tom: Tornado on the sun A tremendous tornado whirling across the surface of the sun was captured by a NASA satellite recently an amazing wonder of the solar system that may be as big as the Earth itself. The video was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a sun-watching satellite that has transmitted a… More »

Ignacio Torres’ Cosmic Stellar 3D Photography

Photographer Ignacio Torres created amazing 3D looking photos that catpute movement and one of my favorite things, space. These are such cool photos with a great look that you…

I’ve got ten minutes – gimme some geek!

Some essential nerdy news from the interwebs on this day, July 7th.

First up, there’s a storm on everyone’s favourite hulahooping planet, Saturn. Check it out and prepare for your tiny mind to be…

Galactic Inspiration

I am so inspired by space and space related things. This post will be dedicated to all things space and universe with one twist. None of these…

Seeing Stars: Christopher Kane, Resort 2011

Christopher Kane takes us to deep space with a collection of printed dresses, jackets, and blouses. 

Shop all Christopher Kane HERE.

<img src=""…

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