EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Alternative Gimme More Video

Finally, after 4 years, we have another Gimme More music video version, where you can admire Britney walks around the street and stays in a room thinking about a plan… this video hasn’t a complete sense, because first it’s a fanmade and second there are some cut parts and this isn’t the original and official version, and also the 2007 version isn’t the official one.

There’s also another one where dark Britney kills the blonde one (the one who is in the club and looking at the dark one who dancing on the pole). I hope it can be released soon!

In 2007 it was released also another alternative version, censored because considered too much dirty and outrageos, where Britney dances and does a strip tease, in this new alternative we can see some of those scenes.

Slim Kherzi who was in the clip said this is not the official and uncut version of Gimme More because maybe the original one will never been broadcast on the web or in tv because it’s too much scandalous!

Check it out! And It’s Britney, Bitch!

What do you think about this new version?