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Within Temptation Presents Their New Single & ‘Hydra’ Reaches #1

Whole World Is Watching” is the new Within Temptation’s single, released in two versions, from their new upcoming album “Hydra

One with Dave Pirner from US band Soul…

Britney Spears, “Work Bitch”: A Comprehensive Video Analysis

Go call the police. Go call the guh-va-nuh. (Go call the United States Congress too while you’re at it.)

It’s time to leave your big mansion, hop into your…

Bring The Action! Will.I.Am & Britney Spears ‘Scream & Shout’ Music Video Premiere

The await is finished.

Ladies and gents here it is!

“Scream & Shout” music video premiere:


Britney Spears & Will.I.Am ‘Scream & Shout’ Video Premiere Moved On Wednesday 28

“Scream & Shout” leaked over the weekend, but it’s official debut is today at noon (PST) on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest where Britney will call in to premiere it.

UPDATE: The interview and…

Let’s Certify Britney Spears Till The World Ends Music Video!

Britney’s so stoked about her certified “I Wanna Go” music video, she’s posting about “Till The World Ends” in the hopes to reach the same status*. She posted on Facebook: Keep on dancin’ till the world ends… You’ll get it, Brit! *A video is Certified on Vevo when it reaches 100 million+ views.

Britney Spears Not Realising “The Circus Starring: Britney Spears” DVD

Rumor has it Britney’s releasing her Circus Tour on DVD.

Perez Hilton alleges Larry Rudolph posted this “exclusive” clip as promo for the release, however…

Love Lives Forever – 20 Most Iconic Michael Jackson’s Music Videos [3rd Anniversary]

Three years ago, the whole world was crying for have lost one of the most iconic artist ever, a living legend, a king, the King of Pop: Michael Jackson.


#NowPlaying // February 2012 Edition

Here I am with my second blog dedicated about my monthly playlist.

I will try to write better and better in the next posts talking about different aspects of music and about…

Inside Outside Britney Spears Music Videos

In occasion of 13th anniversary of “…Baby One More Time” album, I decided to post this gallery about all the secrets behind Britney’s music videos. Here you can find all the photos shot during the making of of the music videos from the first one “…Baby One More Time” till the last one “Criminal” (from… More »

My Winter 2011 Playst

So this is my last playlist for this 2011, it’s so unbelievable how much quickly this year passed, but you know you don’t have to look at the past, only at the present, living every…

EXCLUSIVE: Nightwish’s New Music Video “Storytime” From “Imaginaerum”

The wait is over! After 4 years from their last album…

Britney’s Criminal Video Stirring Trouble

Britney’s facing controversy for her Criminal music video, and it’s not out for another few weeks! In recent footage, Britney’s seen robbing a grocery store at gun point and then running out. Some correlate the video treatment, shot by Chris Marrs Piliero, to the recent London riots and think it’s too soon. Check out this… More »

Jennifer Lopez ‘Papi’ Music Video Premiere

We’ve waited a lot for her new video, but now it’s finally here!

This song could…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Music Video Concepts

Waiting for new concept video about her 4th single “Criminal” from Femme Fatale album, (I’m really exicted becuase it’s my fav song) I thought to talk this time about my 13…

Remember The Day: 6 Years With Tokio Hotel / 6th “Durch Den Monsun” Anniversary

“Tokio Hotel’s debut single goes #1 – They came, sang and conquered.”
“Tokio Hotel: Students become rock stars in six weeks.”

<span style="font-size:…

Everything you always wanted to know about Britney’s albums and singles – BRITNEY

I know it’s been a lot of time from my last blog about Oops! I did it again album and I would apologize with all of you, but I hadn’t time to continue…

EXCLUSIVE: Jessie J Brand New Video “Who’s Laughing Now”

Today on JessieJVevo has been upload Jessie J new single “Who’s Laughing Now” with a funny…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Alternative Gimme More Video

Finally, after 4 years, we have another Gimme More music video version, where you can admire Britney walks around the street and stays in a room thinking about a plan… this video hasn’t a complete…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears “I Wanna Go” Teaser

Check out this brand new 30-second teaser of Britney’s “I Wanna Go” music video that aired on Bravo Sunday night!

Britney Tweeted about the clip, saying:

I-I-I wanna go-o-o all the…

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 1

I always loved this kind of projects, and I thought to start mine, inspiring me with 30 Days Song Challenge of my dear friend Ruby. Every day I will try to post a video…

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