Pete Wentz to Finally Publish ‘Rainy Day Kids’

Pete Wentz, musician, lyricist, businessman, designer…the boy has worn a lot of hats. One of the sometimes forgotten hats, though, is that of “published author.” Pete wrote and released The Boy With The Thorn In His Side in 2005. Ever since then, there were rumors that he was also working on a second book called Rainy Day Kids, but there was never really news about its release.

Until now.

Pete has confirmed that we WILL see Rainy Day Kids. He revealed on Twitter that the book did have a contract and that he was “tired of fighting editors.”

Then, he posted a photo of what appears to be the manuscript to Tumblr, with the caption “210 pages. 2 journals jammed with whiskey and crocodile tears. 2 thrashed computers. too many nights. too many cities. it is beginning to happen.” He then deleted that picture and promised a better one, but I managed to grab the original:

Unlike The Boy with the Thorn in His Side, which was a dark children’s story based on nightmares Wentz suffered as a child, Rainy Day Kids will apparently be a book of poetry, but he’s said that there may be “a few super personal chapters.” He’s also said “a big release” is possible.

Are you excited to read Pete’s new book?