Album Equation: Taking Back Sunday’s Self-Titled Album

Taking Back Sunday has returned with an all-new album and for the first time in nine years, the Tell All Your Friends line-up is back together. The self-titiled albummarks the band’s fifth studio effort — and it is a reunion that feels oh so good.

It especially feels good to have Adam Lazzara and John Nolan working together again! The album is sprinkled with classic TBS anthem choruses, layered in dueling vocals from Lazzara and Nolan with bold lyrics. If you are a long time fan you will feel your heart swell when you hear these two singing together again.

Here is some music math to break it down for you.

Taking Back Sunday is like:

How you felt during your first family dinner after your separated parents got back together

Getting tossed around in a gritty mosh pit at Warped Tour

Swinging a mic over and over and over…

Aggressively confronting someone who DID YOU WRONG with a megaphone

A personal standout from the album is a track called, This Is All Now. Check out this introductory video TBS posted for the song on YouTube.