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There are writers and poets who just get it. Then, there are writers and poets who are so on point, you have no choice but…

My New Poem: The Restless Mind

Infinity pain inside my veinsOverdose fear cut me again I can’t say, I can’t feel Just be like a cold statue Unexplored, priceless moments from my lifeProducing vision of this worldLowlands scream a loudAnd logic is dead Doom my lifeSkin is blue Poisonous world killed a little girl The restless mind


Hi, I want to show you my new poem. Hope that you will like it 🙂
Many love,F


Blue blood flows in our veins
You can’t…

If I Could Talk…

My mom’s friend just sent me a really touching email with a text she found on a Costa Crociere forum, it’s a sort of poetry or a sort of thought, Costa Concordia would like to say if only it could talk… “I’m here, laid in the cold. The water of the sea, my inseparable fried,… More »

The Poetry Project

Verses Poetry is an app that allows you to create poetry on your Apple mobile device and share your work with the world. I’m looking to create 100 short pieces using the app. Why? I dunno, why not?

We Are Already Infected

You have to face
the awful truth:
one day
the shambling
zombie hordes will
descend upon us
ripping your friends
and family
limb from limb
or worse,
infecting them with the
zombie virus

MAINE-etic Poetry

The men of The Maine (3/5th of the band, anyway) have some of the most vague tweets I’ve ever read in my life. And yet, they are somehow poetic and thought-provoking. So I made…

So, You Wanna Make a Zine?

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of being a part of the first ever Pittsburgh Zine Fair.  The event gathered together a bunch of Pittsburgh area DIY publishing enthusiasts and let us show off…

Yes, This is a Star Trek: The Next Generation Poetry Chapbook

My friend, the ever-amazing Margaret Bashaar, has put together this chapbook of Star Trek: The Next Generation poetry via Prime Directive Press (an imprint of Hyacinth Girl Press). Copies are $4 on her Etsy. Click here to go order. You know you want it like Picard wants Dr. Crusher. Or, if you’re into that sort… More »

Amber Tamblyn BUST Magazine and Buzznet’s Poetry Contest Winners Announced!


Earlier this year, Buzznet had the opportunity to collab with 127 Hours star and avid poet Amber Tamblyn to find some of the best poets on the web during…

Pete Wentz to Finally Publish ‘Rainy Day Kids’

Pete Wentz, musician, lyricist, businessman, designer…the boy has worn a lot of hats.  One of the sometimes forgotten hats, though, is that of “published author.”  Pete wrote and released The Boy With The Thorn In…

Join the Poetry Experiment on “Our Exquisite Corpse”

So, I’m big on poetry.  Reading it, writing it, hearing it performed, sometimes even performing it.  But lately, I’ve been lacking on inspiration and feeling this need for a new project.  And, like many people…

Slam Poet Katie Makkai Performs ‘Pretty’

I cried at the end of this and have rewatched it over and over again. It’s so amazing.


I fill a room with rose petals
and watch them die.
Curled up,
dry and blackened.
A thousand little
bitter hearts
spread across the floor

You paint an
artificial garden
on the wall.<br…

How Our Love Was Born

I’ve written this poetry almost 2 years ago and talks about my first meet with my angel, in July 2007, it’s a day I’ll never forget, I take it so jealousy in my…

The Clockwork Girl

(sometimes I write poetry at bus stops.  This was one of those times.)

A Clockwork Girl

rises at pre-

cisely six and

consults her man-

ual for her

wardrobe (changed

every nine-

ty one point three

one two five days).

She is…

I Want To Stay With You… Forever

Music is my life, even though I’m just studying how works in this area, with theory and other stuff, I’ve always created texts of songs or simple poetries. My source of inspiration, obviously, is my…

Debuting “Hot White Star” at The Beat Cabaret

The first time I performed this piece. January 2010.

“Sunday Morning Lies” at The Beat Cabaret 2010

Performing “Sunday Morning Lies” at The Beat Cabaret. January 2010.

“All About You” at The Beat Cabaret 2010

Performing “All About You” at The Beat Cabaret. January 2010.

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