Question of the Day: Who Would Your Celeb Prom Queen Be?

To help celebrate the release of the new Disney film Prom, we are letting you choose who your prom queen should be. This will be exactly like choosing a real prom queen minus the tiara and sash that I would claw everyone’s eyes out for.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is tell or share a picture of who you would want to be prom queen.

I placed a voting box in the office this week and these were our office prom queen picks:

Yasi likes Kathleen Hanna. I’m pretty sure she would not be ok with this.

Elise wants Jenny Lewis to be prom queen.

Rumour has it that Patty would vote for Adele to be prom queen.

Guess who Bree would vote for? Guess.

I would vote for Dita von Teese so that we can be BFFs and maybe she’ll let me borrow her clothes.

Who would your prom queen be?