Jeff Lett Leaves Cartel To Finish School

Perhaps you notice something missing from the photo below? A bassist, perhaps? Buzznet attended Cartel’s one-off show at Chain Reaction last week and Jeff Lett was noticeable absent.

So, naturally, we asked what was up.

It’s no secret and according to the band it was the most amicable departure ever–but Jeff is back in school.

Cartel didn’t have any plans to tour when he initially approached them about it, but they kept getting offers–and so the decision had to made.

When we asked why they’d hadn’t released anything about it yet, they said they’d written something up… just hadn’t gotten around to getting it out there. They also we’re not looking forward to any speculation that there was ANYTHING sour about him leaving. It was super positive. They’re still bros. For life.

Jeff Lett replaced bassist Ryan Roberts in 2006.

Cartel has a few college shows booked until the end of April.

UPDATE: Will Pugh released an official statement via Absolutepunk