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5 Reasons To Love Cartel’s ‘Collider’

Cartel is back! Not only are they back, but also they have a fantastic 11-track album to get fans singing along to their signature pop punk sound. Will Pugh, Joseph Pepper, Nic Hudson

Jeff Lett Leaves Cartel To Finish School

Perhaps you notice something missing from the photo below? A bassist, perhaps? Buzznet attended Cartel’s one-off show at Chain Reaction last week and Jeff Lett was noticeable absent.

So, naturally, we asked what was up.

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Boozle: San Antonio and Hanson’s Good Bye BBQ

If you’re an All Time Low fan, you probably already know about the COMPLETE AND UTTER MAYHEM that took place in Arlington. I’m not really allowed to talk about it because I AM allowed in…

Boozle: Columbia and Charlotte and… LOST

Yesterday was the very first day of the BRS! We were positioned in between the two stages so we didn’t get to hear much until we closed up shop, then… GOOD CHARLOTTE! They killed it–even

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