Britney Spears’ Old Manager Wants Drug Tests

…And we thought we were rid of him! Remember Britney Spears‘ shady manager/BFF Sam Lutfi who was a bad influence on her and was said to be the instigator of her breakdown in 2008? He’s baaaack – and he demands to see Britney’s drug test results from three years ago in an effort to “support his defamation lawsuit” against Brit and her parents.

Britney and Sam in the “good ol’ days” (ick!)

He believes that the drug test results will refute Britney’s mom Lynne Spears’ claims that he attempted to “drug Britney into a coma.” Aside from that, Sam also wants to see reports from Britney’s child visitation monitors, which he claims can “refute accusations that he cut Brit’s phone wires and disabled her cars.”

Mama Lynne ain’t no fool – she is NOT amused

In the words of Chris Crocker: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! That means you, Sam.

Funny, Sam has impeccable timing, seeing as Britney is making her mark once again with her new album Femme Fatale and her new video for “Till The World Ends,” which was released today.

Do you think Sam has a case against Britney and her family? Do you find it to be a strange coincidence that he is doing this in perfect timing with Britney’s new album and video?