I’m just come back home to an afternoon of shopping with my dad, I needed to a new pair of shoes and I found an amazing pair of shoes, I love them!

Then I passed in front of ZUIKI, one of my fav Italian stores and I’ve been caught by a tshirt about Japan, a part of the cost of the tshirt will be devolved in benefit for Japanese victims in particular to UNICEF. I didn’t think twice and I took it immediately, one of the shop girls of the store, that I really love because reminds me a lot Zui Suicide said me I’ve been a doll to buy this shirt and I answered that I’ve always loved Japan and when happen this type of disasters or in general if someone asks to help, I’m the first to give my hand and a little help for a good action is always a great act. And she thanked me a lot for these words because not all the people does the same

So this is my good action for Japan, I’ve always wanted to contribute to help Japan and finally I did it!

Do a good action! Continue to support Japan!