Holy Crap That Was My First Earthquake

There’s a lot of stuff I miss out on because I’m on the East Coast.  I can’t make Geek Girl Con this year.  San Diego Comic Con has, thus far, eluded me.

Oh, right, and we…


I’m just come back home to an afternoon of shopping with my dad, I needed to a new pair of shoes and I found an amazing pair of shoes, I love them!

Then I passed in…

Britney talks to Japan

An audio clip of Britney wishing Japan all the best just leaked. Check it out!

Britney Auctions Off Costume For Japan

Britney Spears is auctioning off a cute little outfit she wore in a Japanese candy commercial she shot in 1999 to aide in the Japan disaster relief efforts. This was Britney’s…

Japan In Distress: How You Can Help

By now I am quite sure that we are all aware of the destruction in Japan caused by a major earthquake and tsunami on Friday. The death toll is in the thousands and the country is in turmoil. Here are some ways that we can help our friends in Japans begin to recover from this… More »

Question of the Day: Have You Ever Experienced A Natural Disaster?

I can’t remember what time it was when I woke up last night. I looked at my phone and saw that there were a few texts and one of them was from my sister, asking…

Help Haiti: Resources

There’s a lot of reblogging and tweeting going on in support of relief efforts after Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on Tuesday. I thought I’d round some of them up and provide you a place

We had an earthshake.

5.8, and the building swayed. We iz ok, but it was pretty freaky.

Just Had an Earthquake in Hollywood, CA

my apartment rock and rolled a little.  it was freaky.  all’s fine now…..seems there was a pretty big one about 20 miles away and we must have gotten the aftershock of it…check it out…

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